Best Selling Hoof Balm

Best Selling Hoof Balm

Our horses hooves are extremely important. The structures in a horse’s feet are responsible for supporting the full weight of the horse over a small area. If hoof health is compromised this will affect the horses mobility and soundness.

The saying “no hoof no horse” didn’t come from nowhere ! 

The weather takes its toll on our horses hooves - drying out in the heat and becoming too soft in the wet.

With many hoof related conditions like Thrush, Seedy Toe, Laminitis, Bruised Soles and Abscesses that all affect the hoof it’s important we take good care of our horses’s hooves.

The best way of maintaining your horse’s hooves is to pick them out throughly at least once a day. Picking out your horses feet after riding and before and after turning out / bringing in will also help maintain good hoof conditions. In addition regularly applying a hoof balm helps keep hooves moisturised, conditioned and protected and of course have a farrier or trimmer visit your horse regularly. 



Featuring below in no particular order, are the best selling Hoof Balm’s we sell to our customers. Why not check them out and leave us a comment on the blog with your favourite !


Keratex Coconut Hoof Balm

Keratex Coconut Oil Hoof Balm is a premium blend of coconut oil, beeswax and tea tree oil will protect, condition and care for equine hooves, providing a stunningly glossy finish with all the benefits of natural oils and waxes such as nourishment and breathability!  This product smells great as well !

This product won the Highly Commended Product Innovation award at BETA in 2017.

Coconut oil - conditions and protects with a breathable super-natural finish

Beeswax - nature's gloss! Gives hooves a lovely sheen and provides enough 'stick' for the coconut oil to do it's work without coming off in the field !

Tea tree oil - provides an astringent natural way of assisting cleanliness

Available in clear and black for additional excellence in appearance and depth of colour.

This costs £15.15 and you can purchase this product by clicking here 




A unique blend of natural ingredients and silver complex which has been shown to prevent the growth of common equine hoof microbes which can lead to the development of thrush and white line disease.

To maintain a strong and healthy hoof, apply twice daily to a clean and dry wall, sole and frog.

Although these come in lovely colours they do not alter the natural hoof colour

Comes in 400ml containers

This costs £10.50 for one of the 400ml pots.and you can purchase this by clicking here


Leovet Hoof Lab Natural Oil Balm

Supports the natural building of nutrients in the hoof.

Contains Biotin for natural,everyday hoof care. The creamy balm makes hooves strong and elastic with naturally nourishing oils.

Moisture is transported deeply into the horn and the balm is quickly absorbed into the capillaries, greatly improving horn quality for a beautiful shine.

Free from petroleum jelly, mineral oil and parabens.

Comes with integrated brush for fast and clean hoof care in 500ml container.

This costs £12.70 and you can purchase this by clicking here


Kevin Bacons 

Laurel balm for the care and protection of horses' hooves. A 100% natural product made from animal fat and fresh laurel leaves.

Protects hooves from becoming saturated in wet conditions, as well as applying moisture when conditions are dry.

Keeps hooves supple and elastic, helping to prevent splits and cracks as well as forming a barrier against bacteria.

Available in original and Ash based formula (formally known as Tar) in 1 Litre Tubs

This costs £19.46 for original and £20.00 for Ash and you can purchase this by clicking here 


Leovet Hoof Balm

Hoof Balm cultivates healthy-to- the core hooves, actively promoting horn growth and noticeably  improving horn quality. Glycerine and sheep's wool wax helps seal moisture in the hoof horn. Laurel oil and  oil of turpentine improves the circulation deep inside, thereby promoting growth.

This costs £10.50 for a 500ml tub and you can purchase this by clicking here 



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