Body Protector Standards

Body Protector Standards

Body Protectors are designed to protect the rider and absorb the impact from a fall, a kick or being trodden on.  Although body protectors are compulsory for some activities such as cross country many riders choose to wear them for general riding and hacking.

Over the years body protectors have advanced in their design so they are now more lightweight and comfortable as well as increased level of protection offered.

Body Protectors are made from heat sensitive material (PVC nitrate foam) and  soften and mould to a riders body. 

Body Protectors should be stored carefully and not left in very hot or very damp environments. Hanging a body protector when not in use and doing up the zips is the best way of keeping the body protectors shape.


The British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) are responsible for rating body protector standards.

Body protectors should always be replaced at least every three to five years, after which the impact absorption properties of the foam may have started to decline which means they are less effective. 

If you have a bad fall and your body protector has dents and obvious damage then it should be replaced to ensure that the maximum protection continues to be offered.


2024 Rules on Body Protectors and Competing BRC / PC / BE

British Eventing (BE), British Riding Clubs (BRC) and the Pony Club (PC) are changing their rules from the 1st January 2024 body protectors with a level 3 standard from 2009 will no longer be valid to compete BE, BRC or PC. You will need to have a 2018 standard body protector. 

The 2018 BETA standard blue label looks like this image shown below.


A lot of venues for arena eventing hire, clinics etc are likely to require 2024 standard in line with new competiton regulations but check with them first if in doubt. 

So if you need to replace your body protector  or buy one for the first time it would be worth  purchasing a 2018 standard to make sure you don’t need to replace it again in 2024 if you intend on competing.


We sell a range of body protectors that all meet the 2018 standard from Champion, USG and Rhinegold for adults and children and you can find these here 

Blog last updated - 20/12/23


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