Brand Ambassadors selected

Brand Ambassadors selected

We have had 145 applications for our brand ambassador / sponsored rider competition and we have gone through them all in great detail. It was clear that everyone had put a great deal of thought and effort into their applications and it was incredibly difficult to make any decision.

However we have picked 2 riders that we would like to sponsor for the coming year.

1) Helen Hughes is a Gloucestershire based Showjumper. Helen has 3 main horses - Tess her speed horse, Doris and Lenny. Helen's achievements have included qualifying for Blue Chip and Scope Festivals and getting into the top 15 in the bronze league. Helen's aim is to qualify for HOYS.

2) Lucy McKeown is a 20 year old Staffordshire based dressage rider. Lucy has 3 horses - Lily a gypsy cob type, Sid a Spanish x gypsy cob and Terry an ISH. Lucy is competing at Novice level and has begun moving up to elementary. Lucy's proudest achievement has been when she was selected for the North West BYRDS novice team at Sheepgate in 2016.
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I am super excited to have been chosen as Brand Ambassador and looking forward to being part of Top of the Clops Team (#topoftheclopsteam). Keep at look out on my page for what I have been up to and competition results. Big thanks again ?

Helen Hughes

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