New BS Jump Whip Rules

New BS Jump Whip Rules

About the change 

British Showjumping are introducing a new rule that affects the use of Whip and Spurs for all members effective from the 1st January 2020.

BS said the changes, which apply to all members, came about as a result of discussions between the officials’ working groups, and the BS national sport committee, which have also looked at rules in place in other equestrian disciplines and in racing.

Iain Graham, Chief Executive for British Showjumping, commented “As a national governing body of equestrian sport one of our primary objectives is to ensure equine welfare is always paramount and we see the introduction of this rule as a positive way of meeting this”

You can look at a visual guide to the permitted whips in the rule book here 

Our offer

We have seen a massive surge over the last two months in the sale of new padded jump whips from Country Whips which are proudly made in the U.K. County Whips Ltd was founded in 1972 and is one of the UK’s leading equestrian whip manufacturers. They are based in Burton On Trent.

The County Padded Jump whips have a Golf grip handle with leather padded end and fully comply with new BSJA rules. 

These whips come in two sizes both of which comply with the new rule lengths;

  • Standard length approx 27" (68.58cm)
  • Short length approx 20" (50.80cm)

The whips are black on the pad and handle but feature a choice of 4 colours on the binding - either black/black, black/blue, black/purple or black/red.

You can purchase these whips from us here.

We also have slim handle BS legal whips here 

They cost £19.65 for a short whip and £21.99 for a standard whip.

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Purchased one of these whips ready for the new season due to new BS rule change fantastic service as always.

Helen Hughes

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