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Buckley Blue Sweet Iron Filet Hanging Cheek / Baucher

Buckley Blue Sweet Iron Filet Hanging Cheek / Baucher

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Buckley Blue Sweet Iron Hanging Cheek

Blue sweet iron bits are a warmer metal and along with the brass alloy lozenge, this will help the horse to salivate and have more acceptance to the bit.

All sweet iron bits oxidise easily to give warmth and a sweeter taste.

The blue sweet iron will rust over time and this is completely normal.

Hanging Cheek bits give more stability than loose ring bits and can help achieve a rounder outline. They can help with directional control and helps stop the bit from being pulled through the horse’s mouth. Although it was thought that hanging cheeks create poll pressure this has been found to be incorrect. The Hanging Cheek is designed in such a way that when the contact is picked up, the bit is suspended in the horses mouth which in turn reduces the pressure across the tongue and bars making it excellent for overly sensitive horses.   

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