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Buckley Blue Sweet Iron Snaffle with Lozenge

Buckley Blue Sweet Iron Snaffle with Lozenge

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Buckley Blue Sweet Iron Snaffle with Lozenge

Blue sweet iron bits are a warmer metal and along with the brass alloy lozenge, this will help the horse to salivate and have more acceptance to the bit.

All sweet iron bits oxidise easily to give warmth and a sweeter taste.

The blue sweet iron will rust over time and this is completely normal.

This loose ring has much more movement and play than a fixed eggbutt or cheek. Loose rings discourage fixing, blocking and leaning and encourages mouthing.

As this bit has a lozenge, it does not have a nutcracker action like a single jointed bit. The double joint is often favoured by horses as the lack of palette pressure makes the bit more comfortable and relieves pressure on the horses bars. The lozenge snaffle is very similar to the french link, but the smooth central lozenge gives a slightly more positive action on the tongue than the flat plate of the french link.

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