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Hy Equestrian Thelwell Collection Candle

Hy Equestrian Thelwell Collection Candle

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Hy Equestrian Thelwell Collection Candle

A luxurious candle made from a vegan, biodegradable and environmentally friendly soy wax to guarantee a long-lasting aromatic candle for you to enjoy in your home. No animal products are used in the manufacturing of this wax and no testing on animals has been carried out during the manufacturing process.

Minty Treat Munchies: There’s no better smell than opening a fresh pack of mints! This uplifting aroma of crushed peppermint and fresh spearmint creates a crisp scent.

Meadow Hay Magic: The floral and earthy meadow hay scent will allow you to immerse yourself in that early summer feeling.

Apple Orchard Antics: This delicious fruity scent will make you feel like you are in an abundance of beautiful, ripe apples all around in rambling orchards.

Manure Stack Mystery: Manure? Not the smell people fantasise of having fill their room… maybe you dream of mucking out smelling of a sweet, mouth watering berry scent? (This is actually a strawberry scent)

Muddy Puddle Mischief: This creamy, satisfying aroma of a rich and heavenly sweet treat smells good enough to eat (but we wouldn’t recommend it!) – just what you need on wet and muddy days. (This is actually a chocolate scent)

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