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Kieffer Ultrasoft Tara Bridle

Kieffer Ultrasoft Tara Bridle

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Kieffer Ultrasoft Tara Bridle 

Stunning Kieffer bridle with padded anatomically shaped headpiece, cut-back design for more ear comfort.

The flash strap is integrated into the curved Swedish (crank) noseband. This helps to relieve pressure on the sensitive nasal bone and keeps the noseband in the correct position. The noseband curves up into the cheek piece, relieving the cheek bone and providing more space for the bit ring. 

• Made of extremely soft leather

• Soft padded anatomically shaped crownpiece

• Cut-back design for more ear comfort

• Fineline browband (not lined) with silver-coloured metal beads

• Noseband can be buckled on both sides

• Curved noseband

• Chrome buckles

• Comes with web reins

• Available in black or brown in cob or full 

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