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Magic Brush 3 Pack

Magic Brush 3 Pack

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Magic Brush 3 pack

Easily and thoroughly removes dried sweat and mud from the horse's coat. Magic Brush massages your horse during the grooming and care.

Magic Brush is perfect for use on hooves, legs and coat! Magic Brush reaches even narrow dents and can be used for grooming hooves; the sensitive heel bulbs and the coronary band are protected.

Thanks to its special bristles, Magic Brush is easy on the joints and bones.

Magic Brush is the perfect support during the change of coat as they are brilliant at removing dead shedding coat and is the ideal tool for shampooing. 

Magic Brush are easy to clean and can even go in the washing machine.

Magic Brush cleans clothes, boots, and saddle cloths!

Magic Brush easily removes horse hair from your riding clothes and the saddle cloth. It even gets your riding boots perfectly clean.

All packs contain 3 hard brushes apart from Rainbow pack which contains one soft brush with 2 hard brushes.

Magic Brush is made in EU.

100% water resistant, no bristle loss and virtually indestructible!

Set of three brushes in eye catching packaging in a choice of colours.


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