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Smart Grooming Plaiting Wax

Smart Grooming Plaiting Wax

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 Smart Grooming Plaiting Wax

Smooths and holds stray hairs to perfect the final finish

Smart Grooming Plaiting Wax is designed to make plaiting even easier and to help you get great results with no flyaway hairs, Smart Grooming Plaiting Wax is easy to apply and promotes healthy hair.

Formulated with Bees Wax and Vitamin E, this is a non oil-based formula that conditions and nourishes for a shiny finish.

Can also be used to tame fly away hair on natives and traditionals.

To Use: Simply push stick up from base, apply from the root to the ends and plait as required.

For Best Results:

  • Spray the mane sparingly with Smart Grooming Perfect Plaits Spray, comb through and divide as required.

  • Lightly apply Smart Grooming Plaiting Wax one section at a time, one stroke root to tip is generally sufficient.

  • Plait down, roll up and band or stitch as required.

  • For a final finish, spray all plaits with Smart Grooming Perfect Plaits for added shine.


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