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Woof Wear Vision Fly Veil

Woof Wear Vision Fly Veil

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Woof Wear Vision Fly Veil

Offering unparalleled Elegance and Performance

The Vision Collection from Woof Wear combines luxurious satin fabrics embroidered with designs inspired by Southern European Artisans.

Whilst the inspiration is timeless, the technology is 21st Century using breathable meshes and wicking fabrics to ensure Horse comfort.

Ergonomic, made from a soft, technical mesh fabric, generous cut behind the ears ensures no interference with your bridle headpiece and no lumps or wrinkles that could cause pressure points over the poll area.

Lycra material on the ears ensures a good, snug fit.

Satin effect and piped contrast.

These are available in medium which is Cob size and large which is full size.

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